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Gutter Repair & Installation

Leading Gutter Repair and Installation Services in Burlington County

Gutters are a vital part of your home, protecting your roof and walls from damp and decay. If you are looking for gutters with minimal maintenance, you might be considering the seamless model – there is no risk of leaks, and the metal variety is coated to resist rot and erosion. While looking after seamless metal gutters is easy, installing them certainly is not. You will need to call a team of professional gutter contractors to ensure your new system is entirely up to scratch. 

AM Top Notch Roofing is proud to provide seamless gutter installation services for homeowners in Burlington County and neighboring areas. For years, we have installed seamless, fascia-style gutters manufactured on-site from 28-gauge, hot-dipped, G-90 galvanized steel. This superior construction makes our seamless gutters incredibly strong and far more resistant to dents and dings from ladders or other objects.

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Our Installed Gutters are the Strongest

We understand that the appearance of your gutters is just as important as its strength. That’s why our gutter installation involves custom cutting and fitting our gutters to the exact dimensions of your home, eliminating the ugly seams and splices characteristic of other gutter systems. 

Our gutter installation process incorporates hidden “heavy” hangers that provide support and fasten the gutter system securely to your home. These exclusive hangers are stronger than conventional spike and ferrule anchors and help eliminate the risk of gutter separation. They also give your gutters a clean, seamless look, enhancing your home’s curb appeal. 

Additionally, our gutter installation teams are gutter experts, trained and experienced in installing all kinds of gutter systems. They work hard to earn your trust and your complete satisfaction with the work they’ve performed. We are committed to installing products of unmatched quality as well as providing customer service that is second to none. 


A Suite of Gutter Services from AM Top Notch Roofing

Roofing services are integral to a safe home. However, seamless gutters are also instrumental in keeping the structural integrity of your home. Without properly installed and repaired gutters, you’re at risk for a destabilizing foundation and water damage throughout your home’s siding. AM Top Notch Roofing recognizes this as a prevalent problem that many Utah homeowners face. 

Our team is equipped to ensure your home has fully functioning gutters. Together, we provide numerous gutter services—everything from initial gutter installation to maintenance to repairs if things go wrong. We also specialize in gutter cleaning in Burlington County in NJ, and in all the neighboring areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite their often-overlooked role in protecting your home from water damage, gutters perform an important function. In order to protect your foundation and siding and avoid soil erosion and basement flooding, it is important to have gutters installed on your home. Water damage in your home can lead to a slew of problems, including the growth of hazardous mold that could have an impact on the health of you and your family. 

The risk of severe water damage increases if your gutters become clogged and cannot adequately drain water away from your home. Clogged gutters can cause rainwater to overflow and back up onto your roof, which may seem dramatic. The longer you wait to address standing water on your roof, the more money you'll spend and more headaches you'll have. 

You should clean your gutters twice a year or more depending on the number of debris they accumulate. Self-cleaning gutters is a messy job, but it is possible if you have the time and resources to do it. Gutter cleaning, on the other hand, is a task best left to the professionals. 

Gutters can easily be overlooked, but there are a few telltale signs that a new gutter installation is required. Gutter gaps, cracks, and fractures should be checked on a regular basis. Rust or peeling paint could also be a sign of excess moisture, which can lead to structural issues. If you notice any of these signs, you should have your gutters replaced as soon as possible: 

  • Sagging gutters 
  • Standing or overflowing water 
  • Soil erosion 
  • Mold and mildew growth, or the respiratory problems that may accompany it 
  • Shifting or cracking foundation

It's a great time to replace your gutters as well when you're replacing your roof. Combining the two methods of installation saves money and reduces the overall length of the construction project. However, if your gutters are in good working order, you don't have to replace them at all.  

Commercial and residential gutters are installed by AM Top Notch Roofing. Box gutters are typically preferred over K- or U-style gutters for commercial applications because they are much larger. Despite the fact that it may be tempting to install these larger gutters at your home, the wrong gutter installation can cause serious damage to your property. Before deciding on an unusual gutter for your home or business, seek the advice of a professional. 

Aluminum is one of the best materials to use for gutters. When you’re choosing a gutter, you want something weatherproof and resistant to rust. You’ll reap both of these benefits with aluminum gutters. They’re also lightweight, easy to paint, and make for quick installation by the team at Berger Home Services.