Preventative tips for avoiding roof repair in Burlington County

It’s no secret that roofs have taken a beating over the years. From inclement weather to everyday wear and tear, a roof can start to show its age very quickly. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch minor problems before they turn into big ones, but sometimes it’s only when water is leaking through the ceiling that homeowners realize they need to call in a maintenance specialist. Prevention is critical in roof repair, so here are some tips to help keep your roof in good shape for as long as possible.

Keep Gutters Clean:

Clogged gutters can cause water to back up and pool around your home’s foundation, leading to erosion which can eventually damage your roof. Make sure to clean your gutters at least once a year or after any significant weather event, such as a thunderstorm or heavy snowfall. It’s also essential to inspect your gutters for any signs of damage caused by heavy rain, hail, or strong wind. If you notice damage or rust, you must replace the damaged areas as soon as possible. Another way to protect your home from water damage is to install gutter guards or covers, preventing leaves and debris from clogging your gutters and blocking water flow. This can help ensure that your gutters are working correctly and will help protect your home from water damage. Finally, it’s essential to keep an eye on the slope of your roof and ensure any standing pools of water or ice do not remain for too long, as this can cause damage to your roof as well. Taking a few preventative measures now can save you from expensive repairs.


Inspect Regularly:

Even if you don’t climb up on the roof and take a look yourself, hire a professional to inspect at least twice a year. This can help catch any potential problems before they cause significant damage to your roof or home. They will be able to detect any signs of wear and tear from the elements, such as missing shingles, damaged flashing, open valleys, or clogged gutters. They can also check for structural damage that could shortly lead to more severe problems. Additionally, they can ensure no animals have taken up residence on your roof. Regular inspection helps to ensure that you can maintain the integrity of your roof and keep it functioning properly for years to come. Finally, proper maintenance is critical when it comes to extending the life of your roof. Keep an eye out for moss or algae growth, which can be easily removed with a pressure washer.

Replace Damaged Shingles:

If you notice any cracked or missing shingles, have them replaced as soon as possible. Wind and severe weather can cause shingles to break off or become loose, allowing water to enter your home. Having missing or broken shingles replaced is integral to roof maintenance and can help prevent more costly repairs. It’s also important to check your roof for any signs of moss, algae, or lichen growth. If left untreated, these organisms can cause damage to the surface of your shingles and compromise their integrity over time. Removing moss and other organic materials from your roof will help protect it from the elements and keep it looking its best. Finally, inspect your roof regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Look for loose flashing, water stains on the ceiling, or any other indications that your roof needs repair or replacement. Keeping a close eye on your roof can help you spot potential issues before they become significant problems.

 roof repair in Burlington County

Use Roof Cement to Seal Leaks:

If you notice any leaks, use roofing cement to seal them immediately. It is better to take preventive measures than wait until the leak has spread and caused more damage. Make sure to use supplies recommended for your roofing system and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation. If you’re uncomfortable working on your roof, consider hiring a professional roofer to do the job for you. By taking proper care of your roof and ensuring it is in good condition, you can maximize its lifespan and enjoy years of worry-free protection from the elements.

Trim Trees and Branches:

Overhanging branches can put extra strain on your roof, so make sure to trim them back regularly. If you live in a colder climate, ensure that nearby trees are trimmed away from the roof so that snow won’t accumulate on them and cause extra weight. Additionally, clearing leaves and debris from your gutters regularly is essential for proper drainage and to prevent water from collecting and damaging your roof.


By following these simple tips, you should be able to keep your roof in good shape and avoid the need for costly repairs. If you have any questions or concerns about your roof, don’t hesitate to contact a local roofing contractor in Burlington County. They can provide expert advice and help you keep your roof in tip-top shape so it lasts for years. AM Top Notch Roofing is a trusted roofing contractor in Burlington County, NJ, and can help with all your roofing needs. Give them a call today!

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